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Purchase Information For Existing Homeowners

There is so much information on the internet for first-time homebuyers, we felt it was important to devote a portion of our site to seasoned homebuyers who have already owned one or more homes. The mortgage industry has gone through so many regulatory changes since 2008, that there is a good chance that the process will be somewhat different than you remember. Fortunately, you have found our company. Making the loan process as smooth as possible is what we excel at.

If there is one thing about the loan process that has changed the most from the loans that were being made prior to 2008, it is the number of documentation lenders require now. While there is no easy way to avoid this, what we’ve learned from our past buyers is that being asked for additional documentation three, four, and five times throughout the loan process is not at all pleasant and is also not terribly efficient.

At Optimal Rate Home Loans in Redmond, Oregon our mortgage brokers have the experience to be able to look at your particular situation and identify very accurately what the underwriter will likely require to underwrite your file. Being diligent and thorough at gathering the needed documentation at the beginning of the loan process almost always results in a very clean underwriting approval. It also ensures that we move through the loan process to closing your loan as quickly as possible.


Clients frequently express concern about understanding the process of applying for a mortgage loan so they can better prepare themselves for the process. These questions are designed to assist you in preparing for your loan process so you can minimize the stress and requests for additional documentation that occur during the loan process.

“Our family has used Aaron twice, once for a refi and once for the purchase of a new home. Aaron listened to our needs and provided loan options based on what was important to us. Great communication!”

Stephanie C - Bend, Oregon

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