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Home Loan

When a borrower initially comes to us, we are often faced with the question of, “What loan program is best suited for me?” The answer to this question always depends on the individual borrower’s situation, but we generally look at the following characteristics to help identify the best loan program:

  • Credit Score and Credit History

  • Down Payment

  • Occupancy (i.e. primary residence, secondary residence, investment property)

  • Loan Amount Needed

  • Income

Every loan program has different rules and guidelines that we must follow when trying to get your loan application approved. Your mortgage advisor has the experience to help you navigate available loan programs that line up with your goals and help you decide which is the best solution for you. While we have access to hundreds of different loan and specialty programs like construction loans, renovation loans, loans for self-employed buyers/owners, manufactured home loans and investor loans below is the most common home loans.






“First of all, I would like to say thank you!!! Aaron Myhra with Optimal Rate Home Loans hung in there with us for approximately 10 months from start to finish. Land home package with a builder we knew nothing about extended our closing date on numerous occasions. Delays, product availability, contractors on top of our Covid crisis made our project very challenging. I must say having the experience and a finance company looking out for their client’s better interest paid off in the long run. Aaron was always quick to respond to "all" my phone calls and text messages, and there was a lot. When the day finally arrived and the phone was ringing for final documents, Aaron and his team were ready!!!! Thanks again Aaron and your team, boy was that a journey to remember!”

Manny F - Redmond, Oregon

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